The best activities for two year olds, explained.

Sensory tables for 2 year olds


A sensory table is a wonderful way to help two year olds explore and discover new things. While some toy companies make sensory tables (usually for water and sand), you don’t have to buy one of these to give your two year old a good sensory table experience. Any clear, shallow tub (that is placed at an appropriate height for your little one) makes a great sensory table!

Realize, too, that a sensory table can (and should) change often. Fill your two year old’s  sensory table with many different things to help her explore. Here are some ideas:


-fill the table with sand, and bury objects in the sand for her to find

-fill the table with water, and add boats, plastic animals, bubbles, cups for pouring, etc.

-use baking flour to fill the table, and provide her with measuring cups, spoons, and maybe a sifter!

-fingerpaints. Encourage the two year old to look at his masterpiece from many different angles (e.g. from below the clear tub).

-fill the table with some ice cubes in the summer (and take the table outside), or snow in the winter (and bring it inside) and watch the melting; see if you can make things melt faster, or add some food coloring to keep things interesting!

-use the table as a collecting place, and have your two year old collect leaves, rocks, flowers, etc.